Topic administration - FLO topic production cycle

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Topic rollover is the process of creating a new topic space in FLO, applying a template, and applying content to it in line with the topic coordinators’ requirements, all in preparation for the next teaching period.

FLO topic rollover checklist (updated December 2022) 

Use this checklist after your FLO site has been rolled over. It lists the essential tasks to do in your FLO site before students have access. This checklist is updated each semester and will also be emailed to you as part of FLO rollover communications.

Once topics have been rolled over, there are additional support resources that may be helpful:

Key rollover dates
77 days from teaching start date Between 77 and 10 days from teaching start date 7 days from teaching start date Teaching start date

Teaching team gets access to FLO topic site(s)

Topic coordinators are sent an email confirming their topic(s) have rolled

TC and teaching team prepare FLO topic site(s) for teaching Enrolled students get access to FLO topic site(s) Teaching commences in FLO topic site(s)

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