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Exams - what can I take in to the exam room?

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Exams - what can I take in to the exam room?
by Flinders University - Wednesday, 16 October 2019, 10:22 PM

You are allowed to take the following items into the examination room with you:

  • writing materials (eg pens, eraser) in a transparent pencil case or clear plastic sleeve only
  • Student ID card (students must present photo ID at every exam)
  • water in a transparent bottle with the label removed and no writing, logos or pictures on the bottle
  • soft lollies without wrappers or sultanas only in a clear plastic bag
  • analogue and digital watches (non smartwatches), however they will be required to be placed on the exam desk
  • Non-English Speaking Background (NESB) card. Students with a valid NESB card must bring their card to each examination and are permitted to bring a non-technical dictionary (English only) with no notes, diagrams or pictures on any pages.

In some examinations, students are allowed to bring selected additional materials into the room, eg programmable calculators, text book, etc. You will be notified by your topic coordinator or this will be listed on your personalised examination timetable if you are permitted to use these.

Students who require alternative exam conditions on the basis of a medical condition or disability need to bring a copy of their Disability Access Plan with them to each examination.

Banned items not allowed in an exam room under any circumstances are:

  • bags (including handbags)
  • wallets
  • food (other than soft lollies without wrappers or sultanas in a clear bag)
  • nuts
  • mobile phones, smartwatches, mp3 players, PDAs, laptops and any other electronic devices
  • pencil cases (only transparent pencil cases or plastic sleeves are permitted)
  • packets of tissues (tissues will be provided in each venue)
  • anything which contains, or conveys, or is capable of conveying information concerning or otherwise having reference to the subject matter under examination (other than where such items are approved/permitted).

Monitored bag storage facilities are available outside exam venues at the Alan Mitchell Sport Centre and the Sturt Gymnasium for storage of any such non-permitted items.

Students who bring any of the above items into the examination room may be dismissed from the examination venue and reported to the relevant College in accordance with the University's Policy on Academic Integrity.