Teaching online guidebook

Assess quizzes

Look for the quiz iconquiz iconand the link to the quiz in the relevant week.

You could post an announcement or post to the general discussion forum (which might sit in a Communications area) to provide tips about preparing for a quiz.

Encourage students to ask for help if they need it  you or other students  through the Communications area tools.

Quizzes are not always set up for assessment; sometimes they are knowledge checks. The topic may have a practice quiz (optional) that prepares students for an assessment quiz.

Help students prepare for the quiz 

Prior to the quiz opening, you could post an announcement or post to the general discussion forum to provide tips about preparing for the quiz:

  • encourage students to ask for help if they need it – from you or other students – using the Communications area tools, in the live chat or weekly forum
  • remind them about the scope of content for a quiz and what to expect (types of questions etc) – refer them to the Topic guide/information
  • keep the quiz in their minds by referring to it in the lead-up time, in terms of learning content, important focus points etc
  • preview the quiz yourself – you will see what they will experience when they do the quiz (eg movement from one question to another, time setting), and will be able to advise them on how much time to spend on a question, and other aspects related to the quiz settings and content

When the quiz opens

You may want to post an announcement reminding students that they can now do the quiz, and the timeframe they have for that (ie how many days it is open).

You can view student responses to the quiz while the quiz is still open (eg see how many students have attempted the quiz, how long it has taken them, what their responses to individual questions are). What you will view depends on the quiz purpose and subsequent settings (eg how many attempts, whether it is timed). and question type.

When the quiz closes

Once set up, the quiz is automatically added to the Gradebook. Click on Administration > Gradebook setup to view the results for student quiz submissions.

Quiz settings (when the quiz is set up) provide students with results and feedback once the quiz is closed.

Mark short answer questions (once the quiz is closed)

If quiz questions require short answers (eg there might be a mix of multiple choice and short answers), you will need to mark them in FLO. To do this you need to access the manual grading report.

View quiz results (once the quiz is closed)

Four quiz reports are available in FLO. These reports not only tell you students' results (if automatically graded by FLO) but also whether there were common errors/misunderstandings that you can use as a teachable moment. If some questions require manual grading, quiz grades won't be available until you have marked these questions.

How to

Specific reports
  • Grades report (shows student quiz attempts, overall grade, a summary of correct/incorrect answers)
    • You can re-grade quiz attempts in this report (a form of moderation)
  • Responses report (shows student responses but not grades – you can compare students' responses)
  • Manual grading report (how to mark questions that are short answer)

The Statistics report gives a statistical (psychometric) analysis of the quiz and the questions within it. Teaching staff might look at this report to analyse individual questions and question behaviours in preparation for the next reiteration of the topic.