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Collaborate is an online live collaboration space integrated within FLO.  It has a range of functions, including chat, audio, video, and screen-sharing.

Collaborate is a multi-purpose tool with many uses.  You may use it to participate in an online lecture or tutorial, present a presentation, participate in direct consultation with a teacher, or hold a group discussion.

For your information!  We strongly recommend that you use Google Chrome to access Collaborate.  Set Google Chrome to automatically update so that you always have the most recent version

Enter your topic in FLO and look for the Collaborate icon.  Click on the icon to enter.

collaborate icon in context

If a session has been scheduled, click on the session name to enter.  By default, scheduled sessions open 15 minutes before the session start time
To view recurring sessions, click on the down arrow.

click on session to enter

Click 'join room' to enter

If joining the room outside of a scheduled session, click 'Course Room' then 'join course room'

To set up your audio and video, click on 'my settings and status' and then the settings cog.  Select 'set up your camera and microphone' from the menu that opens.

Click 'my status and settings' then the 'settings' clog   Click 'set up your camera and microphone'

You may need to give permission for Collaborate to access your microphone and camera. 
This may look different depending on your browser.  Please remember that Google Chrome is the preferred browser for using Collaborate.


Watch the audio bar moving as you speak to ensure that your mic is working.  If you have more than one microphone available, select it from the drop-down menu. 
Click 'yes - its working' when you are happy to proceed

Watch the video test and make sure you can see yourself in your webcam.  If you have more than one webcam available, select the correct one from the drop-down menu. 
Click 'yes - its working' when you are happy to proceed.

To test your speakers, play something with sound (like a song or a youtube video) and make sure you can hear it.  If you cannot hear it, make sure you have your volume turned up and un-muted.

Your microphone and webcam will not audible or visible until you chose to share them.

Toggle the audio and video icons to start and stop sharing.

As a participant in a Collaborate session, basic tools that you might use include audio, video, chat, raise hand and set status and feedback.
For a full-list of tools, see the following webpage

  • Toggle the share audio button to turn your microphone on and off     mic off icon   mic on   

  • Toggle the share video button enable and disable your webcam     camera off   camera on

  • To text chat, open the Collaborate panel and select the Chat tab.     open collaborate panel
    Type your message into the chat bar, or select an emoticon.  Press enter to send your message.

chat and emoticons


  • Raise your hand to indicate that you would like to answer a question, or to get the attention of a moderator.

 raise hand

  •  Set status and feedback to show how you feel, or to indicate if you are away from your computer.
    Feedback statuses are temporary, and display for less than a minute.

set status and feedback   statuses


End of text

Collaborate recordings can be both watched online or downloaded.  For instructions, watch the short video below.
Please note that the 'download' option may not appear if your teacher has chosen not to enable it.

view recordings

By default, Collaborate will only display recordings from the last 7 days.  To view an older recording, select recordings in a range from the drop-down menu then use the calendar to broaden the date range

select recordings in a range from the dropdown menu   set dates in calendar


General tips

  • Preferred Browser.  Google Chrome is the recommended browser for using Collaborate.  Collaborate works best in recent versions of your browser, so update your browser if you are using an older version.
  • Only turn on your microphone or webcam when you need to.  Multiple audio and webcam streams can cause excessive bandwidth consumption, with the potential to cause problems for you and other participants.  Leave your webcam off unless you need it.

Troubleshooting tips

  • Switch or update your browser.  Google Chrome is the recommended browser for using Collaborate.  If you experience difficulty, try an alternate browser and make sure you are using the most recent version. If trying an alternate browser, use Mozilla Firefox.

  • Having trouble hearing? Check your volume control.  You will find volume controls in Collaborate itself, on your computer, and sometimes on your headset. 

    settings cogspeaker volume
    Check computer volume 

  • Having trouble being heard?
    Make sure you have enabled your audio by checking that the audio icon is green.  mic on
    2. perform the audio test detailed in the 'set up your audio and video' tab above. 
    If multiple microphones are available on your device, make sure you have selected the right one from the drop-down menu.

    3. Check your microphone volume in Collaborate.

    settings cogmicrophone volume

  • Struggling to stay connected? 

    Collaborate allows users to listen / talk into a session by dialing into a telephone number and enter the session PIN (please note: each pin is unique to a session and an individual user in that session) - commonly referred to as teleconferencing. This is useful if a participant does not have the correct equipment, or is struggling to enable their microphone.

    Each participant receives a unique PIN for each session they enter (PIN is available within the Session Menu) and can dial into a local or international number to participate within the session. For help using this functionality click here 

    The local number for Adelaide is +61 8 7100 1859.  Call charges will apply.

    course room with phone number and pin