FLO Help for Students

FLO Live

FLO Live is a virtual classroom, where lectures, workshops, and tutorials can be held over the internet. Your topic coordinator will tell you if you will be using FLO Live in your topic.

  • At least one day before the session ...

Check your computer setup. Make sure you have the right equipment and software to participate in the FLO Live session.

You will need:
A computer with fast internet connection.
- Broadband connection is preferred. If you are using dial-up, please notify your topic coordinator before the session.
Headphones and a microphone
- A USB headset is preferred (combination of headphones and a microphone).
- If using a laptop, you can use the built-in speakers and microphone. However the audio quality will not be as good. Make sure you mute your microphone when you are not talking.
An internet browser with Flash installed
- Use Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer or similar browser.
- Visit the Flash installer page to check if your browser has Flash installed, and to install if necessary.

Run the FLO Live Connection Test.  During this Connection Test you will be prompted to install the Adobe Connect add-in. This will enable you to use your microphone during the session.

  • 15 minutes before the session ...

Enter the FLO Live meeting room.  FLO Live can be accessed via a link in your topic.  flo LIVE ICON

You will be able to enter the room 15 minutes before its scheduled start.  Click 'enter meeting' to join the session.

Click 'enter meeting'

Run the Audio Setup Wizard. Once you have joined the FLO Live session, you will need to make sure your audio is configured correctly.
From the 'Meeting' menu in the top left hand corner, choose 'Audio Setup Wizard'.  Follow the instructions in the wizard to test your mic and audio.

Audio-set up wizard

  • During the meeting ...

Use the status icons to indicate your understanding. You can raise your hand to ask a question, agree, disagree, applaud and more

If you experience any problems accessing FLO Live or have any problems setting up your audio please contact the FLO Student Help Desk.