FLO Student Support

Download or pod/vodcast lectures

Flinders makes all lecture media downloadable to all students. This is beneficial if your internet connection isn't suitable for streaming, or you want to watch the lectures again later without an internet connection. These files are provided in the form of Podcasts (Audio only) and Vodcasts (Video). The files can be viewed at any time on desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones. You can also subscribe to Topic Podcasts/Vodcasts in software, such as iTunes or Juice, which will automatically download new lecture recordings as they become available.

Subscribing to Podcasts/Vodcasts

You can subscribe to Podcasts/Vodcasts within FLO. You will need to do this in each topic for which you wish to subscribe.

1. Once inside a topic on FLO select any lecture recording to reach the lecture stream window.

Lecture recordings in a weekly module

2. In the bottom right hand corner of the video window you will see the options "subscribe to: Podcast / Vodcast" and "open in iTunes: Podcast / Vodcast"

Click vodcast or podcast links

To subscribe via url, click either "Subscribe to podcast" or "Subscribe to vodcast".  
You can subscribe to the feed by following the instructions below, and using the website address at the top of the page.

NOTE:  Many newer web browsers (such as Google Chrome and newer versions of FireFox) do not support XML RSS feeds, and may have difficulty displaying this page.  You may just see a page of script.  Browser extensions are available - please see the following advice from Mozilla regarding feed reader replacements for Firefox.

Click to download and download link


To subscribe directly via iTunes, click either "open in iTunes: Podcast" or "Open in iTunes: Vocast".

Open using itunes